HCL 89
Making Tile Cleaning Easy


This is probably one of the best products i ever used - Seah, Pasir Ris

Heard this from a friend decided to try it and it works wonderfully - Jack, Woodlands

Used it over many years already and i can seriously say i can say my flooring still looks new - Joshua, Sengkang

Fantastic and honest people that distribute this product - Hamzah, Bedok

The effect is really great, your flooring will always look new - Germaine, Clementi

Finally a product that works and and my house looks and feel fantastic - Kenny, Toa Payoh

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HCL89 is a product from Japan has been used in the construction industry for decades to clean tiles. HCL 89 is a chemical composure that is both safe to the hands as well as as effective in cleaning tiles for your new home or office.

The purpose of this product is basically to help the user to clean the tiles with ease without breaking his back. It works easily by removing any dirt caused by the renovation as well as any chemicals used during the renovation phase. The product also has a light fragrance so as to create a nice smell after use and not a pungent chemical smell like when other chemicals are used.

HCL 89 is basically used like normal washing powder, it will dissolve when added to warm water when cleaning the house. HCL 89 is also known to remove any germs or fungi as well that are stuck in the tiles.

The best thing about HCL 89 it is totally safe for use and is also safe for used on both light duty as well heavy duty tiles. It also creates an enamel kind effect on the tiles keeping it new just like on the first day you bought or renovated your home or office. The enamel it creates helps to maintain the newness of your flooring so that it will last longer as well as always have that new feel.

Price is S$65/300g. We can personally guarantee this will be the best product you have used for tile cleaning/maintenence as we have even used it ourselves.